Surface Markings

1. Draw two vertical lines one passing through the 6th rib in the midclavicular line and the next passing through the 9th rib in midaxillary lines.

2. Now draw a smooth curving line with convexity upwards ftom the sixth rib in midclavicular line to 9th rib in midaxillary line.

3.Draw another straight line passing through the costal margin from 6th rib to 9th rib.

All these boundaries enclose a near semilunar space called Traubes space.

Anatomical boundaries are:

1. Right : Lateral margin of left lobe of liver.
2. Left : Spleen.
3. Superior : Resonance of lung.
4. Inferior : Costal margin.


1. Fundus of stomach (Hence percussion of Traubes area normally gives Tympanitic resonance).
2. Costo-phrenic recess of left pleura devoid of lungs.

Causes of obliteration of Traubes space:
1. Full stomach.
2. Left sided Pleural effusion.
4. Enlargment of left lobe of liver due to any etiology.
5. Dextrocardia.
6. Proliferative growth in fundus of stomach.

Note: A left lung mass lesion/consolidation alone never produces impairment as lung is not extending to traube's space.

checklist :General Examination -Abdomen-

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nice. just now one of my lecturers asked me the boundaries of Traube's space. haha

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good! ;)

good luck clinicals ya. lupa nak cakap td. hehe.

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