long time.. i never update my blog hahaha. woops..dont know where to start.. it was a long journey.. now, im still a so called Houseman.. currently in my 2nd last posting.. haha.. it is ORTHOPEDIC.. :) (a very meaningful smile) Oh Dear, i just finish my medical dept posting which i love so much :)) i miss medical. wooo...short update for now. got to study ortho. hahah :p

Huuu. O&g

after all..

now, i feel ok with life.
now, i feel better

i feel good

the best is..

already booked a new car.. honda hybrid.

in May.. i'll get the car :)

just a reward for me.. after all the tears.. and hardness.


Keep on going akmar!!

guys.. i miss you all

*dear amni farhana ; thanks for the comments.. :)
dear friends.. miss ya


I have a lot of things to share but..


Just don t give up.. Keep on going no matter what happen.

Life is so tough.

Everyday without fail.. i'm crying~ oh Allah, give me strength to keep on going..

I never thought that life is so hard

a very hard way..i guest~

but i believe that.. Allah is always by myside.. will show me the way.
Allah selects me to be a doctor.. then, i have to be strong to keep on going.

Sometime, i feel like loosing hope.. kinda give up, blamed myself for choosing this path of life. But, it is just happen..

InsyaAllah..InsyaAllah.. i'll find my way.

as people always say,

Dont wait the storm to stop, but learn how to dance in the rain.

oh Allah..

help me.


i loose my weight.. around 5 kg
i 'm starving right now
oh, i hope things will get better and better..

oh lala la


keep on going akmar :)

Induction course at HOtel Putra, Jln Tun Abd Razak. 13 December- 17 December 2010.

Next . 20 December 2010 --> Start my housemanship life.



assalamualaikum. :)

update.. on 16th of november i'll go for an interview at Putrajaya. Next--> induction for a week.

Here we go.. life goes on.

2004 , i was a medical student.
2009, i was a dokter muda at RSSA Malang, Jawa Timur Indonesia
August 2010 , i'm done with medical school.

After a long rest.. as a baby sitter. here we go.. back to hospital. InsyaAllah. I hope everything goes smoothly. I do miss all my friends , especially my housemates. We spent our great time together for almost 6 years. Let's go back to our track.
Hope to see them again.
May Allah bless us! ~


lots love

haha. ni majlis yudisium :)

maknanya kami dah lulus medical school then, layak utk proceed konvo pd ujung nov nanti.INsyaAllah.

Alhamdullillah :)

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Just Remember

When things are down
And you are out of your mind
Remember just remember
Allah is The Kind.

When your life is in darkness
And nothing is right
Remember just remember
Through the darkness,
Allah is The Light.

When nothing makes sense
And your heading for demise
Remember just remember
It doesn't make sense, but Allah is The Wise.

When times are troubled
And no one seems to care
Remember just remember
Allah won't hurt you, He is The Fair.

When your heart is breaking
And your pain makes you fall
Remember just remember Allah Sees it all.

When you are weak
And the road seems long
Remember just remember
Seek strength from The Strong.

When life is a burden
And everything is unstable
Remember just remember
Allah is The Able.

When the way is cloudy
And there is no one by your side
Remember just remember
Allah is The Only Guide.

When no one wants to listen
Or is willing to lend an ear
Remember just remember
Allah is always ready to hear.

When you are poor and penniless
And you are stuck in a niche
Remember just remember
Allah is The Rich.

When you are down in your misery
And there is nowhere to run
Remember just remember
You can always run to The One.

And when your scars are hurting
And your heart is in fear
Remember just remember
Allah is really here.