Synopsis :

Since the age of 5, Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin) has been told that when men act like jerks, it means they like her.

Years later, Gigi is now struggling to find true love while shifting through men who are simply not interested. After her latest date, Conor (Kevin Connolly), has failed to call her, Gigi visits a bar he said he frequented in order to see him. There, she is approached by Alex (Justin Long), a friend of Conor's who works at the bar. Gigi claims she is waiting for Connor, since she needs to return a dentist's pen to him. However, Alex quickly sees through her lie, claiming Connor's dentist is his father (not the name written on the pen). Gigi admits that Connor is not expecting her, and explains her confusion over his lack of response. Alex tells her that Connor isn't interested, and then takes it upon himself to explain the "signs" to Gigi.

Meanwhile, Connor, having just left his date with Gigi, calls his girlfriend Anna (Scarlett Johansson). Anna is shopping in the supermarket and runs into Ben (Bradley Cooper). He tells her to go before him in line, citing an indecision about gum as the reason. Anna tells Connor she has to go, and, as she is checking out, is awarded a cooler as a 1000th visitor gift. The two exchange numbers outside when Ben says he knows someone who can help Anna with her singing career. After a few moments of hesitation, Ben admits that he is married. The two part, and Ben walks over to a car and gets in. Neil (Ben Affleck) then asks Ben what that was about.

When Neil returns home, he is greeted by his girlfriend of seven years, Beth (Jennifer Aniston). She announces that her younger sister is getting married. Neil, who is in the kitchen making tea, tells Beth that he doesn't believe in marriage. Beth, who desperately wants to get married to Neil, doesn't understand why he dislikes the idea so much.

Ben meets his wife Janine (Jennifer Connelly) back at their new townhouse, currently being renovated.

Gigi, excited about the tips Alex gave her, eagerly shares them with her coworkers, Janine and Beth. Gigi explains that if he's interested, he'll make the first move, and if he's not, he won't. When she claims that there are exceptions, but that the majority are not, she unintentionally implies that Neil will never marry Beth, since they have been together for 7 years and they haven't married yet.

Beth confronts Neil when she goes home, saying she can't deal with it anymore. When Neil continues to refuse to get married, the two break up.

~ hiks.. i like this movie.

The moral of the story : if he's interested, he'll make the first move, and if he's not, he won't.. rite?

huu, jgn sampai tertunggu2 bagai pungguk rindukan bulan, atau bagai menunggu bulan jatuh ke riba. hooho


should a guy make a first move to begin a relationship? of course lah kan, begitulah yg dikatakan " gentleman" .. eh? hehe


life goes on rite?

all the best! =)

p/s : byknyer impian yg ingin digapai, terasa bagai ingin menggapai bintang2 di langit. krezzz..


haha salah komen hampeh... abnormal la blog ko nih...

ekeke. ko yg abnormal ke ..haku? =p . tapikan takpe. klu abnormal maksudnyer aku spesial.. ahhahaha =p

aku pn salah komen gak upenye...aku rasa mmg blog rek neh pelik..hahahhaa..komen letak kat bawah la...awat lak ade kat atas nuh...=P

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apesal byk sgt org men delete2 komen ni.. korang arrr nih! ahahahaha

korang pown aneh laa.kah kah kah. =p

huuu... sbb komennye duk di atas...:P.. urmm.. impian tu ptg.. lgk ptg kalo kita usaha tuk realisasikn impian.. heheheheh.. my impian nk futher setadi lgk.. aisey.. tp kena tunggu lgk setaun setengah.. urmm..


semoga impian akak tercapain.amin

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